New, rejuvenated fraternity promises to add “spark” to campus

Katelynn McGinley
Staff Reporter

McDaniel’s decision to crack down hard on underground organizations last year meant that the brother’s of Chi Delta Upsilon knew they had to make a decision ? and fast.

“Our choices were to either let Chi Delta Upsilon die out, take our chances and try to exist with the school and our interests clashing, or to go national with our fraternity,” explains Greg Boyd, a junior. Boyd says that, as a group, “We felt that going national would be the best choice for all parties involved.”

After considering several different organizations, the former members of Chi Delta Upsilon decided that Kappa Delta Rho, a National Fraternity founded in 1904 at Middlebury College in Vermont (see sidebar for more information on KDR) was the fraternity that best matched their interests and values.

“Even though we are now Kappa Delta Rho and there will be many changes to our organization,” says Boyd, “the ideals and traditions that were established by Chi Delta Upsilon will live on forever – through ourselves and our future brothers.”

Over the summer Boyd contacted executive director of Kappa Delta Rho, Joseph Rosenberg, who outlined the necessary steps that needed to be taken for them to become recognized by the school and to reach national chapter status for KDR.

“I’m sure our past as an underground frat caused some skepticism at first,” says Boyd, who serves as President of KDR’s McDaniel chapter. However, he adds that once officials spoke with the group “they realized we were serious about accomplishing our goals.”

“This group has the full support of the college behind it,” says Director of College Activities, Amanda Rose, adding that she thinks the addition of Kappa Delta Rho will have a positive impact on McDaniel’s current Greek Life.

“I’ve had a few students remark, in jest, that they think it will be nice to have a group that doesn’t start with Alpha or Phi on campus,” Rose says.

She goes on to point out that “any new group piques interest in students,” and may even challenge established fraternities and sororities to step outside the box when it comes time to recruit new members.

“I think that some of the fraternities who have been around campus for a while might have gotten comfortable with their status,” says Rose, “and now this new fraternity might make groups feel the need to change things up a bit.”

Boyd tends to agree, “I think Kappa Delta Rho will add a spark to the Greek Life here at McDaniel. We have a fresh outlook on social life around campus, and we look forward to contributing to the community both on and off campus.”

As for KDR itself, their enthusiasm about joining the McDaniel family could not be more apparent.

“They are extremely proud of this group of young men,” says Rose, explaining that the next issue of Kappa Delta Rho’s magazine, The Quill and Scroll (out November 1), will feature the McDaniel chapter on its front cover. KDR’s homepage ( features an article entitled “The Falcon Lands at McDaniel!”, which summarizes the efforts Boyd and his fellows have gone through to establish the KDR chapter. The article also goes on to praise the current members of McDaniel’s Greek Life for their fundraising efforts and their dedication to community service.

“Our hope,” says Kappa Delta Rho’s executive director Joseph Rosenberg, “is that our organization will have a positive impact on the Greek Community and the greater McDaniel College community.”

In addition to the more than $70,000 in scholarships that the KDR Foundation provides to its members ? of which the McDaniel chapter will also have access, after they obtain Provisional Chapter Statues ? Rosenberg says that “like McDaniel, we as a group are very aware of our responsibilities of protecting our natural resources.”

It is this awareness that has led to the creation of a leadership development program called the Wilderness Institute, which is “totally green”, according to Rosenberg. KDR’s hopes for the McDaniel chapter also include their forthcoming involvement in the “Up All Night” program, which benefits St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

If all goes according to plan, the members of KDR at McDaniel should obtain their charter and become an official part of the fraternity in the late spring or early next fall.

“We’ve already reached our first goal, which was to be recognized by the school,” says Boyd, who, though he is well aware that the road before them may not be an easy one, doesn’t seem too worried.

“We know that we have a lot to accomplish this semester, and we are ready to do so as a group.”