On the NFL…Guru Predicts the Future

Last season was the year of the unthinkable. First, and foremost, the New England Patriots couldn’t get over the hump in the Super Bowl against a New York Giant team that was dull of inconsistencies and problems both at the quarterback position and also defensively. But what should The McDaniel Guru expect for the upcoming season?
First of all, the two teams in the Super Bowl last season will NOT make the appearance a repeat offense. The Patriots are a playoff team, however, the biggest problem that could potentially not be one is the health of Tom Brady. Yes, the Patriots love to play mind games with their injury report, however, the motives behind Brady sitting out the whole preseason is suspect. On the opposite side of the ball, the defense isn’t getting any younger. Bruschi and Seau are closing in on 40, and this could easily hurt their chances. The Giants are without the two biggest defensive studs in Umenyiora and Strahan to injury and retirement.

Brett Favre was the biggest story (and most drawn-out) of the off-season. Either way, the Jets look good in the pre-season, and Favre looks better than last year. Jericho Cotchery will have a break out season, not just because of Favre, but because of his abilities that are a powder keg for this season. Hopefully, he explodes early in the season.

Breakout teams this season that need to be watched are not just the usual names. First there is the Colts, that had a disappointing post season losing to a Swiss-cheese Chargers team. However, Freeney and Sanders are now healthy, and the offense is also looking good. However, there are many questions with the health of Peyton Manning, having off season knee surgery. To top that off, Jeff Saturday will be gone for the whole campaign. Aside from that, I think the Colts are still a contender. Also, the Cowboys failed last post season, but this year they have pushed aside the things that held them back. Julius Jones is gone, allowing Marion Barber to run the ball freely. Romo has T.O., Witten, and Glenn to throw to, if he would only push aside Jessica Simpson. This team will make the playoffs this season, and could even head to the Bowl.