Lighter Side of the Campus Safety Blotter

Jen Noel
Staff Reporter

It’s easy to see why some may find Westminster a boring place to live. There is not always a lot happening around town besides the events occurring on our very own college campus. However, boredom usually leads to some of the most noteworthy shenanigans.

It would appear that something like boredom or perhaps some deeper rebellious nature compelled a culprit or culprits to cause some mischief in Academic Hall. It was discovered on September 8, that an unknown perpetrator decided to convert the men’s bathroom into a slip and slide by empting all of the soap containers onto the floor.

Then, as if this radical action was not enough, the perp stole the soap containers. I wonder if they know soap containers run about a $1.25 at a local store, but you can never tell what lengths people will go to get what they want.

Another group of students must have missed the memo about the soap and suds party because they decided to begin some ruckus of their own. On September 16 around 11:20 pm, a band of students tried to live out their Mission Impossible dreams, McDaniel style.

A call was made to Campus Safety reporting objects flying from the roof of Decker Center. Upon arrival, Campus Safety was able to pinpoint the culprits atop the roof with a spot light. I am sure that was a true deer in the headlights moment for the culprits. I wonder if they considered rappelling down the wall for escape; that would have added a real dramatic effect.

It’s important not to forget the most bustling area on campus for the blotter-Rouzer Hall. Just outside the doors of the freshmen dorm, an incident was reported involving the Conference Services golf cart.

On September 15, Campus Safety arrived to discover a busted head-light and the cart moved to a different location. The golf cart enthusiasts obviously never took a spin on Mario Kart if they couldn’t control that one horsepower of raw torque in an open parking lot.

Amid the creativity during the lackluster moments of college life, the usual issues involving fire alarms and alcohol abounded.

I applaud those of you went out of your comfort zone to provide amusement to the mundane areas of the campus blotter. Keep things interesting and know your bizarre actions will add some flare to the Lighter Side.