Tales of a commentary editor

Kim Williams
Commentary Editor

When I became the commentary section editor, it was an area I was completely unfamiliar with. Accustomed to writing movie reviews or other feature pieces, I found the task before me daunting. My eventual excitement about commentary is a story I hope illustrates how easy, and beneficial, it is to become more involved in the world around us.Expressing my opinion has never been a problem for me, but knowledge about what is going on in the world has always alluded me. Well actually I have avoided it. Existing in a world consisting almost entirely of personal drama happens more often than we would like to acknowledge, even on a college campus. And while existing in a bubble in which the economy or politics is not something worth dwelling on can be gratifying, the surprising thing is that I have enjoyed becoming more involved in and aware of the campus and global community.

In order to produce story ideas, edit articles or even write myself I have been forced to pay attention to the news as it occurs and consider the implications. Not only has this made minor problems like not having the newest car or receiving an A minus on a paper seem mundane and therefore put me in a better mood, but being knowledgeable about current issues makes me more likely to strike up a conversation with people.

I feel more able to participate in class discussions. I am very grateful that my decision to take notice of the world around me occurred during election year and I was able to make an informed decision after much research.

So for those of you wandering across campus more focused on who’s going to win Dancing with the Stars or what grade you’re going to receive on that paper you wrote late at night after watching said show, I’m going to suggest something radical. Pick up a paper. Turn on the news. It’s as easy as opening up another window in addition to Facebook and glancing at the CNN website. So open your eyes because how can our generation change the world if we don’t even know what’s going on?