Bachelors Win Examiner's Tailgate of the Week Award

Kate Delenick
Co-Editor in Chief

Who knew a role of duct tape, a 10×20 ft. tarp, and a PVC pipe would amount to the Baltimore Examiner’s Tailgate of the Week honor? For the brothers of the Alpha Gamma Tau fraternity it was just another Homecoming on the Hill, but for alumni and football fans it was something more.Over 75 current and former “Bachelors” marked their usual spot bright and early on Homecoming morning at Bair Stadium. Breakfast was served on their full size stainless steel grill around 8 am with a menu of eggs and sausage.

Alpha Gamma Tau President, Joe Delenick said the recognition wasn’t expected but certainly a big honor. Baltimore Examiner Photographer, Jon Clements approached the Alpha Gamma Tau tailgate and told the brothers he had been all around the stadium and felt they were the best in terms of, “setup, food, and atmosphere.”

Expected or not, the Bachelors believe the title was well deserved. Current Alpha Gamma Tau member, Ross Smith said, “Many organizations participate but the Bachelors take it a step further?we were the first ones on the Hill and the last ones to leave.”

The brothers have a vested interest when it comes to tailgating at the stadium. Two of their own, Albert Leech and Ryan Blaser are also members of the Green Terror Football Team and while it might seem like they missed out on the “Tailgate Of the Week” festivities they didn’t think so.

Blaser said, “It’s awesome to hear people cheering up on the hill?you can always tell where the cheers are coming from and who is having the best time up on the hill. Looking up and seeing that my brothers are having a good time is added incentive to play hard.”

Along with being chosen as “Tailgate of the Week” winners the Bachelors are now in the running for the Examiner’s “Tailgate of the Year.” Although it is yet to be told whether the brothers will win, one thing is for certain; for the next year The Alpha Gamma Tau Fraternity has tailgate bragging rights and around here, that’s quite an honor.

Perhaps, Delenick says, it best, “we have more fun tailgating than anyone else here?the proof is in the award.”