Lighter side of the Campus Safety Blotter: Students Living the 'High Life'

(Editor’s Note: This column by Jen Noel is dedicated to some of the most inane calls to which Campus Safety officers respond ? or should respond. Incidents actually occurred, but the names of the culprits are not included to protect the not-so-innocent).

Jen Noel
Staff Reporter

There are always the highs and lows in college life. Tough exams, cramped dorm rooms, and cafeteria food can become a real downer. It seems though, since returning to campus after the break, many of McDaniel’s students are living the high life, literally.

In the three weeks since students have been on campus since the January term, Campus Safety has documented six incidents of possession of illegal substances. Possession was not the only problem; in almost every incident paraphernalia was also confiscated.

On February 1, one group of students thought they would risk discovery and have a 70’s style party in Rouzer. When a suspicious odor was reported, Campus Safety didn’t discover any wacky weed but did find the students decided to burn several candles and cover the smoke detector with a plastic bag. That’s not suspicious at all; and some say marijuana doesn’t impair your judgment.

The Rouzer boys obviously couldn’t manage to stick to their New Year’s resolution and stay out of the blotter for at least a week. The freshmen pranksters hit campus running and strung together a series of incidents in the blotter.

On February 12, one student did not want to be part of the antics anymore. It was discovered that a culprit or culprits had made a buffet out of his room door. A smattering of food and popcorn was splattered from top to bottom. Was this a crime of passion or Chef Boy-R-Dee cooked just right?

The Whiteford girls must be spending too much time in Rouzer, because the mischievousness of the boys is rubbing off. Whiteford quickly became party central this round in the blotter, as several incidents were reported involving possession of alcohol.

On February 2, a group of students went 4-for-4 in the freshmen girls’ dorm. The under-aged quad squad was charged with possession of hard liquor, a multi-liter container and controlled substances. What a fun call home to the parents that must have been.

It seems that the underclassmen were not the only students “thirsty” after being away from campus for a month. The upperclassmen forgot to take some of the necessary precautions when hosting a party, like closing the blinds in a first floor apartment.

The students in Garden Apartments should have just waved and invited Campus Safety in to play a round, as the officer reported the party was disbanded because drinking games were seen through open blinds from the outside. Oops.

The campus is buzzing with activity as winter is turning into warmer days and many students are itching with cabin fever. The combination inevitably equals a bustling campus blotter in the future.