McCribs: The Best and Worst of Dorm Life

Nick Brunner
Staff Reporter

For years, hearing Blanche Ward Hall called at the annual housing lottery sent shivers down the spines of students. The thought alone brought to mind images of cold floors, bare, ugly walls, and small, uncomfortable beds.

However, now that the renovation is nearing completion, many students are beginning to take a fond liking to the once dreaded dormitory. In fact, according to sophomore Emily Harman, some students have even begun referring to the building as “Hotel le Blanch?”

If in fact Blanche has become a lavish and luxurious hideaway, then this week’s edition of McCribs is about to unveil one of its finest and most elegant treasures. This week I got an up close look inside one of the newly renovated, and I must say gorgeously decorated, rooms located amidst the Phi Sigma Sigma sector of Blanch Ward Hall. It was here where sophomore Caitlin Daniels was kind enough to show me around her rather unique “crib.”

The first thing that immediately grabbed my attention as we walked through the door was a bed that looked big and comfortable enough for a princess or even, a queen. Caitlin explained that since her roommate moved out, she thought it would be a good idea to put both beds together and make one sumptuous sleeping paradise.

Complete with a plethora of pillows, dual color coded comforters, and of course two fluffy friends to keep her company, this beauty of a bed surely rivals any bed on this, or any campus for that matter. Accompanied by a stylish floor lamp wound with red roses, and a grass woven trunk, the bed is not only ideal for sleeping but was also a treat for the eyes during the day.

As I looked around the room I couldn’t help but notice how neat and organized everything appeared. The organization really exuded an overall homey feel throughout the room. Everything down to the smallest detail was in place and in order.

The windows were drawn by home made curtains which Caitlin made herself, while the sill was covered by a blossoming green plant. The walls were filled with pictures, wall hangings, a giant mirror, and were topped with large white Christmas bulbs that sooth and set the mood all year round.

Caitlin proudly displays a large, colorful drawing of a giant fish near the center of her room. The picture has a special place not only in her room but also in her heart because it was drawn by her brother.

While Caitlin’s room is a token of style and elegance, when it comes to modern entertainment and leisure options, she leaves very little to be desired. Her desk sports a stylish 27 inch Sony LCD TV, a matching DVD player, and a TV shaped fish haven for her beta fish. She also boasts another desk for her computer, fully equipped with speakers and a subwoofer, and an array of books ranging from the Bible to her Finite Math book.

What girl’s room would be complete without two distinctively arranged walk in closets with stick-up touch lights? Each fully stocked with clothes, and of course, shoes, shoes, and more shoes.

I would like to give a special thanks to Caitlin for taking the time to show us around her room and making this edition of McCribs possible. If you think your room has what it takes to be featured in a future edition of McCribs, contact the McDaniel Free Press and let us know why the place you call home is in a league of its own.