Need some cash fast? just Pawn your stuff

Jen Noel
Staff Reporter

Jewelry, iPods, guitars, laptops, power tools, cameras, amps, vacuums, televisions, and even sabers are just a few things you can find at Carroll County Jewelry and Loan.
Carroll County Jewelry and Loan is a local pawnshop located at 2 Bond Street that specializes in turning unwanted and useless goods in to a tidy profit for sellers. Buyers can also find a bargain on high price items that are out of budget for college students.

College students are notorious for being on the bottom of the salary chain with an endless amount of money leaving their pockets and little coming in. Dining on Ramen noodles on a weekly basis doesn’t allow for a lot of extra cash to buy unnecessary commodities.

The CC Jewelry and Loan makes it their business to make a turnover.

“We’re fair and honest,” said owner Andrew Rowdon, 23. “We don’t make you feel bad for coming in and wanting to get some cash for an item you’re not sure has a lot of value.”

Rowdon said the items that sell for the most money are jewelry, particularly gold. Even broken chains or fragments can sell for some profit. Although there are several other outlets for liquidating jewelry, pawning allows for immediate cash.

“I don’t want to rip you off and hit a grand slam when you walk out the door,” said Rowdon.

When looking to purchase an item from a pawnshop, Rowdon said the best form of payment is cash. He reiterated that with cash, everything is negotiable.
Rowdon’s brother, Matthew, 24, expressed an understanding for many people’s struggles given the current economy.

“A lot of people come in to borrow money against a personal belonging like a ring,” said Matthew. “You want to borrow an amount against something you know you can pay back; sometimes that’s tough.”

Recently, senior Dave Robertson decided to pawn his rarely worn high school class ring. “It was a desperate attempt for gas money. I know I never wear it, so this was convenient and quick for me.”

He received $30, enough for a full tank.

CC Jewelry and Loan also keeps any item pawned for 18 days. Once they purchase an item it enters into a database connected to the Westminster City Police, who ensure the items aren’t stolen goods.

“Sometimes when you go other places to sell, you get taken advantage of; you have to be a smart pawner,” said Rowdon. “We always try to give the best deal possible.”
To find out more information or the amount you might receive for some forgotten possessions call (410) 751-2111 or visit them online at ww w .