Students Spring Break Despite Recession

Lauren Laker
Staff reporter

Warm sun, cold drinks, and sandy beaches are still right around the corner for some spring breakers. Money is the least of worries for these college students already planning their trips for break. It seems as if the recession has not stopped students at McDaniel College from still traveling on yet another adventure.

“There is a slight decrease in the trips planned with college students, but they are more likely to still go on trips compared to families who may take a shorter trip or not go at all”, explains Linda Redding, the owner of Travel Network located in Westminster.

The recession has not phased students at McDaniel much; they have already booked trips and are ready to explore. Even if they are staying at home or on campus, the students have chosen to do so not because of an economic concern, but because it was the choice they made.

The money issue does not seem to get in the way of Justin Silberman, a senior at McDaniel, and his friends. Silberman said, “We saw a poster on a wall at the bar that said ‘St. Patrick’s Dublin Celebration’ and decided we should do that.” So Silberman and his friends decided to backpack through Europe for ten days.

The group of three friends includes seniors, Silberman, Adam Dwoskin and Matt Ward. They are starting out in London, traveling to Dublin Ireland to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in a pub and then heading to see a Premier league soccer game. The group plans on staying in hostels and above the pub for just $20 a night. They did cut cost of hotels and airfare by choosing this route of travel, but it is something they are excited to do.

Since Silberman, Dwoskin and Ward have jobs after graduation, they did not hesitate to book this trip as soon as possible. Sophomores Kelly Schaub and Paris Fossa are planning on traveling to West Palm Beach for their spring break get away. Their flight comes to $200 for a round trip from New York to Florida and staying at Paris’ aunt’s beach house for five days.

“It’s a good get away, perfect timing and nice place to stay. If it wasn’t for being able to stay Paris’ aunts house I probably wouldn’t be going, its going to be a lot of fun though,” said Schaub.

Dr. Brain Wladkowski, a chemistry professor, and Dr. Herb Smith, a political science professor, are also planning a trip: fishing in the Florida Keys. It seems to be a popular trip every year. The trip is a totally of seven days costing $1100 for everything except for most meals. The goal of the trip is to catch as many different species of fish as they can.

Wladkowski says, ” We have a group of six students. Normally we have 12-14. The trip won’t be altered much. We are still going for a week. It may turn out to be a better experience for those that are going, because they will get more fishing time.” Because of the recession the group has been able to get better deals on boats, housing and airfare compared to last year.

As for Mike Radcliffe, a senior here at McDaniel, going on a trip is not an option because of his job. He said he would love to be able to go somewhere, but unfortunately he has to stay here because of student teaching. He said he only gets off when the school gets has break. It’s not a money issue for him, he said, ” I would definitely think about going somewhere in the U.S. for spring break if I didn’t have this job.”

The Women’s Lacrosse team has decided to stay on campus this year. However, they are still doing a dinner in Baltimore and getting warm-ups for the team along with doing other activities planned by their coaches. Brittany Lines, a sophomore lacrosse player explains” We took this spring break off to have more money for next Spring Break, the whole team voted on staying here.”

As far as staying on campus the team seems to be excited because they are together and that’s all that really matters. Erin McDonnell, a sophomore on the lacrosse team says, “It’s still fun hanging out with the team and being able to set up fun things to do like laser tag, dinner and other fun activities.” Even though the team is not going to Florida this year they do not seem to bummed about it, after all they voted on it and decided to stay.

Even the students who decide to stay at home and hang out with friends, do it because it appeals to them, not because they do not have the money to go anywhere else. Junior Ryan Blaser said, “I am going home and going to the bars with friends, it has nothing to do with having financial problems, that’s just what I decided I would do on Spring Break.”
Spring Break is once again going to be a good time had by many students here at McDaniel. No matter if it is going somewhere or just going home to relax, who doesn’t like Spring Break?

We look forward to hearing all about the students’ trips upon their return.