The Lighter Side of the Campus Safety Blotter

Welcome Back, McDaniel – guard your golf carts and your propane tanks

Katelynn McGinley

Staff Reporter

The Ravenstown training camp is always a pretty good time on campus – unless, of course, you’re the dude who was sneaking unauthorized pictures at a practice and Campus Safety picked you up for trespassing. That…yeah, that was probably less of a good time.

School has officially been back in session for a few weeks now, and while it’s always a little sad to let summer go, it appears that some students haven’t had any problem letting, um, other things go. Like their bladders. In public.

We’re guessing that it was not the goal of the two students busted for taking a whiz on the golf course and sports fields (two separate incidents on two different nights, mind you) to end up in the Lighter Side, and we understand that nature does call occasionally, but really? Next time, be less conspicuous about it, ok?

It’s nice to see that the newest batch of Rouzer boys seem to have their A-game on when it comes to causing trouble. Not only are they covering all the normal bases – a female student puking in one of the bathrooms, alcohol citations, etc – but they’re also getting creative, and we love creativity. On August 24, Campus Safety picked up three students joy-riding in the Rouzer parking lot on…a golf cart.

Yeah, we’d really liked to have heard that phone call home.

Being a freshman boy can be stressful, though, (uh, we guess), and maybe it was a little of that stress that contributed to another Rouzer-escapade one that involved a student threatening his roommate with a knife. Boys, boys – can’t we all just get along? More importantly, where were you when those three guys were stealing golf carts?

A faculty member reported that her parking pass had been stolen from her vehicle just days after a student was labeled with “fraudulent use of a faculty parking pass” on Pennsylvania Avenue. If there were ever a clearer sign that students don’t like paying for their parking passes, we’re not sure what it would be.

It was a long summer and we’ve been away from our dear campus for quite some time, so let’s clear up a few things that students seem to be a bit vague on. First of all, to the students that got caught drinking and getting high in Hoover Library? That is something that is, generally, as a rule, frowned upon. Also, if you’re attending a party in Gardens (or any other place, really) the thermostats are not party favors, as some people apparently seem to think. You don’t get to take them with you when you leave. On that same note – people, think about who you’re inviting to your parties, ok? Seriously.

But the real treasure in this issue’s Lighter Side has to go to whatever brave soul (or souls) thought it would be a good idea to steal a propane tank off of a student’s porch on PA Avenue. To be honest, we’re just curious about what was going through their heads.