Presidential Search Committee Reviews Candidates

Juliann Guiffre

Co-Editor in Chief

The Search Committee is looking at a “sizeable” pool of candidates, according to Mary Lynn Durham, chair of the committee, and they continue to receive submissions. The committee cannot comment on the viability of any of the candidates in order to protect their privacy.

Durham said that the committee is aware that some of their candidates are being interviewed in presidential searches being conducted by other colleges and universities, and that this has led them to begin “dialogues with our candidates, and the commencement of Committee interviews with a selected group of candidates.” The process is proceeding on schedule, she added.

“One of the committee’s goals throughout the process has been to make an exceptional case for the leadership opportunities at McDaniel that both attracts and engages superb candidates,” said Durham.

Updates on Washington College’s Search:

The committee has added students (though secretly) and they are interviewing the final four candidates starting this weekend. I think they are going to pick after next week. They are not going to bring the final candidates to campus because two have wished to remain anonymous. This is all off the record, though, because I’m not supposed to know about it, haha. I think we’ll know before break who the new president will be.

– Alisha George, Editor-in-Chief of The Elm of Washington College