Ingrid Michaelson Plays at Ram’s Head Live

Amber Slater

Staff Reporter

“This skirt makes me look so lumpy from the back. I figured no one would see me from the back.” Her eyes widened. “But you’re all around me!”

She turned to one of the wrap-around railings. “Maybe I’ll just sing to this side.” She turned again. “Or this side. Oh, you’re all around me!”

So began Ingrid Michaelson’s set at Ram’s Head Live on March 20. She kept the laughs going by explaining to reluctant boyfriends in the audience that dancing makes penises grow (studies have been conducted, apparently), taking someone’s camera from the front row and singing an entire song to it, and making up a song called “Emo Boy, Why, Why, Why” and claiming that it will appear soon on a “Grey’s Anatomy” episode.

Michaelson is, of course, not just an entertainer, but a soulful musician with a range of skills. During her hour-long set, she showed off her talents on the guitar, ukulele, piano, and drums. She played not only her own songs, but covered Radiohead and Britney Spears. She chose light-hearted numbers such as “Be OK” and “Everybody” as well as ballads like “The Chain” that appealed to my friend who had been dumped the week before.

Michaelson’s range and liveliness appealed even to those who had never heard of her. Even the large, brooding man to my left who had obviously been dragged to the show by his wife and who donned a cut-up flannel shirt and a visor that said “mayonnaise” muttered that Michaelson was “pretty good” during the show.

Michaelson’s show did not have the special effects or large crowd that typify other concerts, but she created a closeness with the audience by singing, playing, joking, and laughing her way through the night. Her show not only made her cult-followers want to kneel down and propose, but persuaded skeptics to respect her as an artist, lumpy skirt and all.

Songs to listen to if you’ve never heard of Ingrid:

Can’t Help Falling In Love (Live at Daytrotter) – Be OK

You and I- Be OK

Keep Breathing- Be OK

Soldier- Everybody

Everybody- Everybody

Maybe- Everybody

Die Alone- Girls and Boys

Masochist- Girls and Boys

The Way I Am- Girls and Boys

Creep- Live Session (ITunes Exclusive)