Mitch Alexander is go-to guy for CAO

Kristin Behrle


Ever had questions about rooms for club meetings, fundraising, or where to put up posters? If so, you have probably met Mitchell “Mitch” Alexander, the Director of College Activities for 21 years and the man with all the answers. The “go-to guy” for everything related to campus activities and clubs, Alexander is located in the College Activities Office across from Glar.

Alexander has a Masters in Administration Education from McDaniel, along with a Bachelor’s degree in history and a minor in education from McDaniel. Not only does he have a staff member’s perspective of the college and its rules, but he also has the firsthand experience of a student at McDaniel.

Alexander is an “advocate for the students,” says Erica Immler, the Operations Supervisor for College Activities who oversees Decker College Center and helps him plan events. Alexander estimates that about half of the clubs come to talk to him for help or information. He says it’s usually about room availability, how to access their account, how to get more members active, or to see if ideas they have are possible to set up.

Sophomore Bryannia Bongiorni, who works in the College Activities Office, says that “ without Mitch, certain aspects of campus life would be very unorganized.”

Knowing what students want helps Alexander to coordinate and facilitate between students and the college at large. He has a direct or indirect hand in two-thirds of all the events that happen in Decker, with “at least three events that happen every two weeks” through College Activities or CAPBoard.

Some of the events he organizes are: trips to New York City, Spring Fling, CAPBoard movies, guest speakers, bands in the Pub, and the Blood Drive. His favorite events are Spring Fling week and the trips to New York City. Alexander especially likes New York trips because it brings students to another town full of cultural enrichment. He says, “it’s fun to see students in a different environment.”

Along with organizing events, Alexander is a liaison between the students and the college. Senior Russell Morin, who started the Ultimate Frisbee Club, says that for a very busy individual, [Alexander] seems to also be extremely available to help my club and I can only assume all the other clubs on campus.”

When asked what club’s events surprised him the most this year, Alexander said that the Up ‘Til Dawn event and the Taste of Asia dinner were very successful and surpassed the previous years attendance. He also liked the innovative ideas of the Cheese Club’s Cheese Ball and the Residential Assistants’ Michael Jackson dance, both of which showed an interest of students in dance-type events.

With all these activities to plan and oversee, Alexander is a very busy man. However, he always has time to talk to students. Bongiorni says there are many students who talk to Alexander. “He knows so many people, and is always willing to help in any way he can. ”

Alexander can always be seen at events held by the College Activities Office or CAPBoard, usually staying late into the night so that students can have late-night activities.

“I often see Mitch leaving campus well after normal work hours, and back in the college activity office early in the mornings” says Morin, “and always participating in the events with a smile.”

Alexander says his favorite part of his job is “interacting with the students, faculty, and staff.” It is this dedication to the students that makes him such a great person and so good at his job.

When Alexander is able to go home for the night, he goes back to his wife Mildred and two children—an 18 year-old son, Blake and a 12 year-old daughter, Paige. In his free time, he enjoys traveling—his favorite family vacation spot being Myrtle Beach.

If he isn’t traveling, Alexander enjoys reading, watching television, and especially going to the movies. He can’t get enough of 3-D movies and saw both “Avatar” and “Alice in Wonderland” in 3-D. Luckily for Alexander, he can watch “Avatar” again during Spring Fling week at the drive-in movie at the football stadium.