Dine on a Dime

Scott Welkos

Staff Reporter

It comes as no surprise that countless students across McDaniel’s campus often eat in their dorm rooms. Indeed, whether it is a quick breakfast before class or a case of the late night munchies, the dorm has become a popular place to chow down for many.

What exactly are students eating? Popular items include anything that’s quick and/ormicrowaveable: Chef Boyardee, Easy Mac, and Ramen Noodles.

For junior Chris Williams, late night meals come in the form of Hot Pockets.

“I just kind of binge,” said Williams. “Sometimes I don’t feel like getting some nasty meatloaf from Glar and a three cheese Hot Pocket hits the spot.”

Williams also adds that eating in his room serves as a welcomed alternative to eating dinner in the forum, which he finds to be cramped and unpleasant.

Others dine in their dorms for other reasons entirely. Ed Lasher, for example, does so due to a lack of variety in vegetarian options. A typical lunch for him is a grilled veggie wrap from the pub, which he describes as “clearly just leftovers stuck into a wrap.”

For Lasher, foods that are typically prepared in his room include a lot of oatmeal, when money allows, and frozen dinners, though they tend to go “super super fast.”

For those whose living arrangements have kitchens, dorm room dining takes on a whole new meaning. Senior Jared Ginsberg cooks himself meals about twice a week, which tend to be pasta or stir fry. However, he too cannot resist the ease of Ramen Noodles on occasion.

It seems that despite the eating options offered by McDaniel, students just can’t seem to resist eating in their own living spaces. For some, it is out of ease, and for some it is out of necessity; and in Chris Williams ‘case: “I’m really, really lazy.”