Prank calls are problems for local pizza parlor

Prank call problems for local pizza parlor.

Prank calls to a local pizza parlor are costing the business as much as $100 per day. Westminster-based Mustang Pizza and Subs noticed a spike in prank calls during the last two months according to Ashley Bartlett, manager and co-owner of Mustang.

“We know the calls are coming from McDaniel students,” Bartlett said. Sometimes, calls are made “throughout the day, every day.”

The restaurant is controlling the prank calls by making notes on the specific accounts linked to prank calls, not delivering to the offenders, and making customers pay for large orders prior to taking the order to the kitchen.

Bartlett said that as a result of those precautions, pranks have decreased. However, if the calls increase, the restaurant will possibly stop delivering to the college all together.

Managers at other local pizza parlors said they have no problems with prank calls.

Mustang Pizza opened in August 2010 and the majority of the business’ customers are from McDaniel, Bartlett explained.

The pizza parlor has been in the Free Press previously because of its interest in participating in an All-card that can be used at Mustang.

“We hope that the prank calls remain down because we built our business knowing that the students of McDaniel College would be most of our customers,” Bartlett said.