Bullying Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

Bullying on McDaniel Campus

Are we a college of bullies and sadists that like to see other people mad? People on this campus are engaging in more than one form of bullying.

Gossip is one of the most common forms of bullying on McDaniel College.  For example, once people stop associating with people they dislike, they have a lot of negative feelings about the people they stopped talking to and they spread a lot of gossip and a lot of rumors.  People involved in the gossip might just dislike the other person based on what they experienced but they don’t know the other person to their fullest extent, so they shouldn’t really comment.

People like to gossip, but in doing this people often lie about others. This gossip can be perpetuated into myths and then the myths slowly become the truth.  Gossip is probably the most common form of bullying that exists on McDaniel’s campus and it can be spread very quickly depending on the circumstances.

Another form of bullying that goes on is the spreading of memes.  Some of these memes contain really hurtful ideas about specific people.  One of them apparently says that one person on campus is fat, a loser and that no one likes him.  Another one that is going around is that there is a guy that has a bunch of tattoos all over his body looks like a Nazi.  I mean, come on. First, calling someone a Nazi just because they are into tattoos makes no sense.  Second, these things that people say about other people are really hurtful.

So what if it’s true?  Just because you don’t like someone’s personal characteristics doesn’t mean that you should be spreading your opinions everywhere else.  How do you think it feels to be talked about in that way?  You might find it funny, but the person targeted wouldn’t find it funny.


It would be really nice if McDaniel College could rise above bullying.  Bullying goes on too much around this college and it needs to stop. If these memes and this bullying continue, there’s no telling how many people’s feelings would be hurt.  I don’t think anyone likes to be bullied.  So, when you think you might join in the fun of bullying someone else, you should really just think twice about it and think if you would like someone else saying the same thing about you.  A lot of times we aren’t even consciously aware of the fact that we’re saying something negative or derogatory about someone else when we do it.  People need to be extra sensitive to other people and think about how they are saying what they say, and if they would want that said about them before they decide to say it.