A Year in McDaniel News: Free Press Headlines 2010-11

Whiteford Hall undergoes renovations

Freshman women experienced the renovations to the common areas of Whiteford, in order to make the first year students comfortable on the Hill.


“Demilitarize McDaniel”: Students protest militarism on campus

Two students created quite a stir on campus with their protests to demilitarize McDaniel.


Advocacy Team hosts Night of Nets

Students spent the night sleeping in tents on the Quad in order to raise awareness about malaria and its shocking reality.


“Tales from the Clit” is a new show coming to McDaniel

An original show premiered on the Hill, to “celebrate women’s sexuality and foster a more open dialogue about issues related to women and sexuality both on our campus and in the culture at large.”


Budapest Café has extended hours

President Casey listened to the advice of students and extended the hours for the Budapest Café until midnight on Monday through Saturday.


Glar to have wintertime renovations

The college announced that Glar was going to be completely renovated for students over winter break, making it more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.


Late night confrontation between students and coach

A staff member involved with the athletics department allegedly pulled a handgun out of his glove compartment in a late night confrontation on Pennsylvania Avenue by McDaniel College students.


Greek recruitment to see changes in the spring

Fall recruitment went well for the fraternities and sororities of McDaniel College, but changes in the spring were planned to help make students more comfortable with the process of rounds.


New Asian Studies program

Kenny Endo, a Taiko artist, gave a stunning performance to kick off the new Asian Studies program for McDaniel undergrads.


Bed bugs: Are they on your sheets?

McDaniel faced four cases of bed bugs this year, creating unnecessary stress for those affected.


McDaniel’s presidential inauguration approaches

The inauguration of Dr. Casey approached and the campus was full of anticipation.


Glar renovations are underway

Students were forced to deal with temporary dining options while the Glar renovations slowly finish up.


Snow day at McDaniel

Students celebrated class delays and cancellations by engaging in snowy weather activities

on the Hill.


Allies launches new chapter of gay, lesbian, and straight education network

The Carroll County GLSEN planned to reach out to all members of the county and establish itself as a fully functional chapter by the end of April.


The flu on campus

With over 100 cases of flu-like symptoms on campus, even the Wellness Center staff was

unable to stay healthy.


Free Press brings a new era online

In efforts to go green and adapt to a changing society, the Free Press moved to entirely online issues.


Warm weather brings fresh changes to Glar

Students have mixed opinions about new Glar- Does the atmosphere make up for the mediocre food?


Murray looked through and collected past Free Press headlines and articles to reflect on the eventful year. Enjoy!