Arch Advice

By Megan Hearon

Classes are in full-swing and assignments are quickly approaching. You’ve moved your things into your “new home” for the year. The summer may feel like a distant memory.

Particularly if you are a new student, embarking on your first semester at McDaniel can bring a variety of feelings. You may be filled with excitement, but you may also feel sad, lost, or anxious. Having difficulty adjusting to college is one of the most common problems students face.

As the semester unfolds, keep these tips in mind:

• Make your room familiar. Include pictures and other items that make you feel at home.
• Continue with hobbies you’ve always loved, and try some new ones.
• Go to meals with others.
• Stay connected with friends and family from home, but set limits. Spending too much time away from campus keeps you from getting acclimated.
• Join a club, organization, or team! Check out Campus Activities.
• Go to class and get to know your professors. Falling behind will add to your worries.
• Take the shuttle and get off campus. Go shopping, see a movie, or take the Metro downtown.
• Take good care of yourself. Eat well, get enough rest, and exercise — whether it’s walking around campus, or hitting the gym. Avoid alcohol… this will help you face college with a clear head.
• Give yourself time to adjust! Transitioning to college is a gradual process.
• Talk with someone. Your roommate or friend may be having similar feelings. You can also talk with someone at the Counseling Center. Check out “At Home On The Hill,” a new group for students struggling with the adjustment to college. Call Megan Hearron at 410-871-3305, if you’re interested!