Gainfully employed: they did more than work on their tans this summer

By Kim Williams

First up is the fantasy job: Astrea Campbell- Cobb landed a position as a production assistant for the set decorators on a Disney movie due to be released in 2008 entitled “College Road Trip.” She scored this position as a result of a family connection, which is common in the film industry. With a pay check of one hundred dollars a day, Astrea’s summer gig was certainly enviable. While most of the time her work involved doing random jobs such as browsing through antique shops or creating a picture collage, Asrea did have one interesting thing to say about the stars of the film. She admits that while she was working at Disney (on a location in Connecticut) she was warned “not to look Martin Lawrence [of Bad Boys and Big Momma’s House] in the eyes.” Good to know.

On a slightly less upbeat note than the set of a Disney movie, Sunita Pathik spent her summer working at a funeral home. She asserts that her job centered around “consolidating files and shredding papers.” Sunita adds, “Even still, as an avid Six Feet Under viewer, I couldn’t stop myself from inquiring about any experiences with the slightly less lively inhabitants of the mortuary.” She recalls that when the offer of a glance at a body came up, she did not refuse. However, a glimpse was quite enough and Sunita quickly made her way back to the paperwork. Upon being asked whether or not she plans to work at a funeral parlor in the future, Sunita just laughs and quickly replies, “No.”

And now for a look at a place some of you may have seen around or heard about in little film called Super Size Me: Ashley Andrews spent her summer as an employee at the good old golden arches. While working at McDonalds,
Ashley recalls an instance “where a lady got so mad she threw food at [the employees].”

She concludes that “was the part of the job that [she] did not enjoy.” At the end of the summer, I personally would just take all the cash from my paychecks, count it, and then count it again to re m i n d m y s e l f why I endured all