Sex On The Hill: It’s complicated with ________.

Sex on the Hill Graphic

I understand that it is premature to assume that any hook-up on a college campus will lead to further intimacy. However, in a day where most of us can’t help but write wall posts or texts, rather than talk, is it possible that we are becoming romantically inept?

Even if you aren’t sexually active at this very moment, more than likely you have experienced being hurt by that one person who just wasn’t “ready” for a serious relationship or was too drunk to remember wanting to be with you the night before.

Most of us have our friends with benefits and seem to be able to differentiate them from someone who is interested in us as their girlfriend or boyfriend. Additionally, at a small college like McDaniel, this person is inevitably the same person over and over again.

When weekends approach, so do these people. It is going to be hard for at least one of the people involved in these meaningless hook-ups not to want something more eventually.

Sex or whatever may happen between you and your “buddy” is different than when you’re in a committed relationship, right? Despite the situation I have to wonder what could be more serious than sex or oral sex with someone.

There is no clarity when it comes to sex. Hindsight is always better, but even then we still think about sex and continually make the same decision to go for it.

Despite the person you are having sex with, sex is an extremely personal experience and it is tough to get past the great transcendence of the moment

The act of having someone to hook-up with can eliminate any feelings of loneliness. However, the act of not having that person there for other than physical pleasure can belittle sex into nothing more than masturbation with another person.

It’s complicated to not want to have some “one-night” fun, but it is important to remember that when one night becomes continual without any “emotions,” regret and resentment isn’t sexy.