What I Know Now – Sarah Stokely

Compiled by Bethany Grove

Sarah E. Stokely, Ph.D., Assistant Dean for First Year Students

Ask. It applies everywhere. It is what education is all about, yet it’s hardest for students. It’s hard to ask for help; it’s hard to ask to talk to someone like myself. One of the things I know now is to ask for help. Other people can benefit from me finding out the answers to things. Being not afraid to ask questions is great preparation for life.

Ask. Students who have been weighed down by things and come to me for help, sometimes in hysterics, can leave much less bogged down by everything, just by asking me some questions. It’s much better to ask questions than to be quiet and suffer. Many of the questions I answer during the summer come from students, but many also come from parents. Parents have no hesitations about asking questions; it’s something that comes with age. Ask.