Stylish–What can’t you leave for college without?

By Michelle Menner

Flip flops were not the appropriate shoes to wear while climbing the three flights of stairs of Blanche Ward Hall on move-in day.

Like a model strutting down the runway in platforms, I too was one false step away from a fashion disaster.

A drop of sweat dripped down my forehead and rested on my pink pout. I soon realized it’s hard to make a fashionable impression on move-in day.

I arrived at my room and started to unpack the most important cargo; my clothes.

I only brought my summer and early fall clothes knowing that three seasons worth of clothes would strain the confines of the small closet.

As I put away my clothes I came across my favorite J. Crew shorts in British khaki that I certainly wouldn’t have left home without.

Why? Well, they’re classic, go with everything, and comfortable.

My mind reverted to a pair of gleaming Jack Rogers sandals that I saw winking at me from the depths of a plastic container carried by another Blanche resident.

Would she not have left home without those sandals? What would other residents not have left home without?

Karyn Curley, a senior, said, “My Phi Sig letters because not only are they comfortable, I love being part of a greek society which contributes greatly to the campus community.”

Junior, Lindsay Merkle said, “my jewelry, earrings, because you can have a stupid outfit like jeans and a t-shirt and make it cute with earrings.”

“My Roxy jeans,” said Allie Donnolley, a sophomore, “because I like them and they are real comfortable.”

From school spirit to comfort no matter what the reason most people find that there is something they need here on the Hill.