Wedding crasher flirts with death– Wilson surrounds himself with family and plenty of time off to ease his recovery

By Greg Pfeiffer

The movies are hilarious, the face unmistakable, the nose more than slightly crooked.

One would be hard pressed to find a more endearing, genuinely funny individual, let alone one that has starred in films whose oneliners have echoed in social circles ever since they received laughs for the first time. Unfortunately, something larger has overshadowed his career, leaving quite a bit of shock in the minds of people everywhere.
Who is the man in question? Probably not who you would expect.

On August 26, 2007, Owen Wilson was found bloody and disoriented in his California home. Owen’s brother Luke discovered him lying on his bed with slit wrists, surrounded by bottles of pills the actor had already ingested.
Police investigation confirms that a suicide attempt was made, and Wilson was promptly rushed for treatment to St. John’s Hospital. Following a short stay, Wilson was transferred to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where his status improved from serious to stable condition.

“I respectfully ask that the media allow me to receive care and heal in private during this difficult time” said Wilson, submitting the statement through his publicist.

Wilson’s acting is most likely best recognized by his work in “buddy movies,” in which Wilson pairs up with another star in generally comedic roles. Collaborators include Ben Stiller in Zoolander and Starsky and Hutch, Jackie Chan in Shanghai Noon, and Vince Vaughan in Wedding Crashers, which may be Wilson’s funniest and best-known role to date. His demeanor on screen represents how we would perceive him in real-life; humorous, outgoing, and very friendly. The events that took place in his home surprise not only fans and the media but also close friends and family.

“It’s hard. He’s such a wonderful person,” a source close to the family explains. “He’s such a great guy and so smart and just…nice. We’re just hoping he gets better.”

Speculation on why Wilson attempted to take his life has surfaced, involving both his recently broken relationship with actress Kate Hudson as well as a heated feud with a close friend. According to sources close to Wilson, depression has been a recurring battle for the actor during his career.

Wilson has three upcoming films slated for release, including The Darjeeling Limited co-starring Jason Schwartzman, Marley and Me with Jennifer Aniston, and Drillbit Taylor. Wilson was also scheduled to start filming a Ben Stiller directed movie titled Tropic Thunder, but sources indicate that the recent events may keep him from taking part.

Fans of Wilson will surely find disappointment if his career is significantly altered due to the tragic events at hand. On the positive side, the actor seems to be in good hands and will make his recovery at the expense of missing work – a small price to pay for actions that none of us saw coming.