Movie Review: Across the Universe is ‘visually stunning, phenomenal, powerful’

By Christina Hinkle

If you’re looking for a movie that is romantic, powerful, and visually stunning, then Across the Universe is a must-see. The film takes place during the Vietnam War and portrays a powerful tale of love, war, and life in the 1960s.

The movie tells the story of Jude, a young man who left Liverpool to come to America during the Vietnam War to find his father. He ends up living in New York’s Greenwich Village, where he falls in love with a woman named Lucy. Throughout the movie, the young couple discovers both the beauty of life and the harsh reality of war and struggle.

The film’s soundtrack and character list were inspired by music of The Beatles, which may help the story establish a permanent place in history. While many of the movie’s characters are named after people in songs by The Beatles, it is also their music that sets the mood throughout the film.

“I have always been a huge fan of The Beatles,” said junior Katherine Stinchcomb, “but I have a much greater appreciation of their music, and the time period that it represents after seeing this movie.”

Although the movie is a musical, the elaborate plot and powerful nature of the story make it very easy to follow and enjoy, even if you’re not into musicals. Senior Alyssa Gagen said, “I’ve never really been into musicals, but you don’t even realize that you’re watching one. The story is so intriguing, that the music just kind of flows.”

With a cast of mostly unknown actors/actresses, the plot of the story becomes more realistic and easier to relate to, and an appearance by U2’s Bono helps demonstrate the musical significance of this film.

The movie takes an intense story line and combines it with fantastic music and very psychedelic imagery. If you’ve ever seen Moulin Rouge, this film is very much like that, in the sense that it is very vibrant and unique.

“The movie was breathtaking,” said junior Amanda Gushard-Edwards. “The movie was so different, and the plot was enhanced by the uniqueness of the visual effects.”

Whether you are into musicals, like music by The Beatles, enjoy spectacular graphics, or are just looking for an artsy movie with a great plot, Across the Universe is a phenomenal and powerful film that will leave you feeling “All You Need Is Love.”