Stylish: Make the seasonal transition–Fall into Fashion

By Michelle Menner

The autumn breeze whipped around my bare legs as I walked out of Blanche one early October morning. On my walk to class at Hill Hall my teeth began to chatter.

A jean skirt and light cardigan sweater was not an appropriate outfit for this cool autumn morning.

For about a week my morning walks to class would be much similar to that particular chilly morning, and instead of continuing to freeze I finally decided to introduce my extensive fall wardrobe to my small dorm room closet.

Some of my favorite pieces for fall include a pair of black suede flats, an airy gray cardigan sweater with slightly blouson sleeves, and a great tweed jacket.

Now, what exactly should be included in any fashionable fall wardrobe? Here are some of my tips for looking your best this fall:

Wear a lightweight sweater; a perfect addition to any collection. For those chilly mornings a sweater will warm things up a bit. A sweater dress is another perfect option.

Dress in layers. This is a logical solution for the unpredictable temperatures of the season.

Fall mornings start off cool but eventually by the afternoon the temperature is much warmer. Try wearing a little t-shirt underneath a fitted jacket.

Pick a pair of ballet flats. There are many options when it comes to flats, but a classic black, round-toe pair will go with almost any outfit. For a splash of color, buy a pair in daring green.

Buy something in gray. The big color for the season is gray, and whether you purchase an item of clothing or an accessory that is gray it doesn’t matter. Just make sure something in your wardrobe is in a shade of gray.

So, put away the flip flops and tank tops from the summer and start shopping for fall.