Sitcom hotties keep students hooked

The never-ending infatuation with the ‘bad boy’ with the ‘gruff looking exterior’

By Becky Snider

Ever find yourself flicking through the TV stations late at night to suddenly stubble upon a show you watched when you were younger? A show that just so happens to have your first TV show crush in it?
When asked who their first TV show crush was, the majority of women on campus almost instantly said Uncle Jesse from Full House. Now that’s just got to tell you something. Jesse Katsopolis, you were one hot dude. The Elvis obsessed rocker who clearly has a love for motorcycles must just be something that we girls are pre-wired to react to. Or it could be the attention that Jesses paid to his hair that we all loved so much. Ah, Full House, the memories, the leather, the hair.
Most of the TV show crushes tend to be the “bad boys” who have good attitudes or at least stand up for people and do the right thing. Take Luke from Gilmore Girls for instance. Junior Jen Noel unabashedly likes Luke because he is one of those guys that have that “gruff looking exterior, but [deep down inside] you know he is a teddy bear, which is the best!”
That “gruff looking exterior” that many find so appealing certainly applies to two guys found on the popular show LOST. Just mention the names Jack and Sawyer, and you might have a debate on your hands. These two seem to be in constant competition with one another over who will win the heart of the character Kate. I mean who wouldn’t have a crush on a tough guy who protects you and takes his shirt off to show his washboard abs?
If the “bad boy with the gruff looking exterior” isn’t for you, go for the type of guy who could be your best friend. Look for TV show crushes where words such as “funny, cute, witty, and caring” can be applied. This of course could also mean anyone who has a crush on Jim Halpert from The Office. We might not know what he is like in real life but according to Cori Simpson, “if you’re going to have a crush on a TV character, Jim Halpert is my kind of guy.”
Other common TV show crushes include Zach Morris from Saved by the Bell, Dr. Carter from ER, Pacey Witter from Dawson’s Creek, and Randy Taylor from Home Improvement.