The ‘Crab Guys’

The annual highlight of the parade?

By Katelynn McGinley

The ground is still wet from the previous night’s rainstorm, and the chilly weather has most of the crowd bundled up in sweatshirts, rubbing their hands together in an attempt to warm them up.
The crowd remains polite, but unenthused through a procession of campus safety cars and possibly inebriated fraternity brothers in Halloween masks.
However, old veterans of the McDaniel Homecoming parade and newbie’s like me alike all perk up when the self professed “Crab Guys” roll by on their float.
Led by Professor and Chair of the Economics department, Dr. John Olsh – it’s hard not to pay attention when a group of middle aged men in long blonde wigs and shell bras roll by.
Cries of “Oh my god!” and “There they are!” mingled with peals of laughter that could be heard throughout the crowd.
“I think it’s awesome that they come out here every year and show their support for the school like this. It’s really funny,” said sophomore Ashlii McGee, through her laughter.
One student wolf whistled, and then when asked what she thought about the float remarked that in her mind, they “are super sexy.”
One parade attendee summed up the feelings of the crowd the best. A lifelong resident of Westminster, Lou Shelley, clapped her hands excitedly as the float went past.
“Oh!” she exclaimed. “They are my favorite part of this whole parade.”