Strong returning players, recruits bolster golf team

By Jeff Davis
Having just finished the fall season, Scott Moyer and the men’s golf team are looking forward to the spring season.
With some strong returning players including three seniors, Coach Moyer is grateful for some new and excelling freshman, particularly Chris Merrill, KJ Mazurek, and Paul Kovalcheck.
With a Centennial Conference Championship in two of the last three years, Coach Moyer owes a lot his success to unique recruiting methods. He makes sure to recruit personalities, looking at the person first and the athlete second. This is one of the major factors as to why the program has been doing so well the last ten years.
“These guys support each other and learn to really like each other,” he said. Also, Coach Moyer does not force the issue at all. With a first-class program, he knows that winning will take care of itself with the right players.
Another unusual but highly effective aspect of the program is the fact that there are two teams who compete: an A team and a B team. This allows everyone to play and get better, particularly because McDaniel’s B team plays against the A team of most other teams.
Traveling anywhere between New York and South Carolina and often gone for days at a time, it can be a lot of work; but it takes a lot of luck to win as well.
For the spring, Coach Moyer feels the team is “exactly where it needs to be.” With the Conference Championship in the last weekend of April, the team hopes to have the five guys heat up at the right time. If they win, they’re off to Georgia, but if they lose they’re back in Westminster to stay. These guys will be ready.
Mike Diehl and his lady golfers are pumped up for the upcoming spring schedule as well, having just completed an interesting and exciting fall season.
“The team looks promising,” Coach Diehl said. With only one returning starter in Elyse Massa, the team is looking to offer an invigorated perspective.
For the fall, Coach Diehl had no idea what to expect. Practicing five to six days a week, the team worked hard. When transfer Nicole Cristy from Wake Forrest dislocating her shoulder, other players had to be relied on.
One of these players is Val Saucier. One of the more talented players Diehl has ever come across, Val is most effective when she focuses on one shot at a time.
Another one of these players is freshman Jennie Wiener. After making some initial adjustments, Coach Diehl sees an extremely promising player in Jennie.
Last year was the first time in five years that McDaniel did not come away with the Conference Crown. “A tune up for the spring championship is the most important thing,” Coach Diehl emphasized.
They are back and better than ever this year. With McDaniel much improved and Muhlenberg down a couple starters, Coach Diehl and the rest of his team certainly believes they are going to take back what is rightfully theirs.