Boxing is going to heat up this fall and winter

By David Nasongkhla
Many claim that the sport of boxing is dying and that mixed martial arts is taking over. But this fall, two fights are sure to put the sweet science back on top.
On November 10, Miguel Cotto (30-0), a powerful body puncher will brawl against “Sugar” Shane Mosely (44-4), who may just have the fastest hands in boxing next to Floyd Mayweather Jr.
If you thought Madison Square Garden rocked during Cotto’s title defense against Zab Judah in June, you ain’t seen nothing yet. The building may come apart when he and Mosley go toe to toe in what figures to be a truly special night for boxing.
Cotto, coming off his abuse of former welterweight champ Judah looks to continue his unbeaten streak. Mosely on the other hand plans to stop the Puerto Rican powerhouse.
Cotto’s chin is better now at 147 lbs than it was in his last days at 140 when he was really draining his body to make weight. However, that being said, if he gets cracked just right by a hook that he doesn’t see, he can be on wobbly legs, and “Sugar” Shane’s hands are fast enough to do just that.
Frankly, though, I can’t wait to see all the body punching that goes on between Cotto and “Sugar” Shane. This may very well turn out to be the fight of the year.
No predictions for this bout, the two fighters are very evenly matched, and the fight can swing either way.
The other major fight is on December 8, the battle of the undefeateds. A lot of people argue that “Pretty Boy” Floyd Mayweather Jr. (38-0) is the best pound for pound boxer today. However, one man begs to differ, his opponent Ricky “The Hitman” Hatton (43-0).
Hatton has been training for and craving this fight since his four round romping of Mexican great Jose-Luis Castillo during the summer, where he officially challenged Mayweather. Mayweather retired after his very close fight with Oscar de la Hoya, which could have swung either way. However, Mayweather is coming out of retirement to fight Hatton.
This may be the most ill-advised fight for Hatton’s career, as even a retired Mayweather is simply a better boxer than Hatton. Hatton may be a brawler, but we all know boxers beat fighters.
Look for Mayweather to cut and counter-punch Hatton all night. This fight most likely will go the distance, but Hatton always has a punchers chance at a knockout.