Take the Colts over New England

The ‘McDaniel Guru’ makes his predictions for Week 9

By Garrett Eagan,
McDaniel Guru
My record stands at 77-26 through week 7 of the NFL, even though some of my published picks yield losses. The NFL has become a crapshoot, mainly due to the facts of inconsistency by big name players, and on and off injury; however, the Guru has stayed on top. The big names of the 2006 season have yielded small amounts of production. Larry Johnson, Steven Jackson, and Maurice Jones-Drew have plagued fantasy football owners this year. There is still light at the end of the tunnel for both Jones-Drew and Johnson, whose teams rebounded in week 6. Week 9 produces a heavy dose of big games, and even though two or three deserve being dubbed the “Pick of the Week,” the Patriots-Colts game takes the cake.
Here are my picks for week 9 of the NFL:

Green Bay 23 Kansas City 14 – Stay with Favre and the Packers who don’t seem to show any signs of slowing up on their tear of the NFC. LJ and the Chiefs made a considerate charge against the Bengals, but that won’t happen against the Packers. Take the Packers.

San Diego 24 Minnesota 13 – This match-up looks like a running back duel between the machine that is LT and the “rookie that plays like a veteran,” Adrian Peterson. However, look for Phillip Rivers to pick apart the poor pass defense of the Vikings. Take the Bolts.

Cincinnati 26 Buffalo 20 – The fact that the Bills were lucked out on against the Cowboys does not change my view of this game. Carson Palmer is more consistent and more accurate than Romo, so don’t expect 5 INTs from him. Though it will be close, take Bengals over the Bills.

Washington 24 NY Jets 17 – With the Redskins dropping the ball in Green Bay twice, they should rebound in a big way. Santana Moss has been a large let down for them, while Chris Cooley and the defense is on point. However, the Jets are not a high caliber team. Take the Skins in this one.

Cleveland 27 Seattle 16 – Who is Derek Anderson? Whoever he is, he is leading the Browns to playoff hopes. The Seahawks are sluggish, weak, and show no signs of rebounding from this. Take the Dogs over the Hawks.

Dallas 28 Philadelphia 17 – A classic NFC East match-up, this game is a must-watch. The Cowboys, thanks to their power on the ground and in the air to T.O., seem like a shoe-in for the NFC East title. McNabb looks sluggish, and the Eagles defense isn’t any better. As much as I want to pick an upset here, I have to stay with my instinct and take the Boys over the Birds.

Pittsburgh 31 Baltimore 17 – Sorry Baltimore, but giving the ball away six times with the Steelers will be deadly. They aren’t playing the Rams, so this one could get ugly. The Ravens defense doesn’t look like last year’s at all and doesn’t play like it either. Take the Burg over Baltimore.

Indianapolis 31 New England 24 – Picking a winner in this game took me two days. Both teams are in fifth gear, mowing down their competition. This is sure to be the AFC Championship game come playoff time. Even with the possibility of Harrison out in this one, the Colts defense is playing perfect, and the offense is Peyton Manning. The New England Patriots are the same way, mowing down everyone so far. But their defense scares me, not as consistent as years before, and not as powerful. It is the X-factor in this game. Take the Colts.