Missing ring – Reardon hopes Honor Code inspires return

By Mario Valone, Contributor

It’s no fun to lose $500–just ask Teresa Reardon, who recently misplaced her $500 designer ring.

Sometime in September, not but a month after purchasing the expensive ring, which, according to Sak Fifth Avenue’s website, can range somewhere close to $550, Teresa Reardon was washing her hands – she doesn’t know which building it was in – and she took her ring off. The intent was to protect the valuable ring, but she ended up leaving it in one of the bathrooms. This is all theory; however, because she can’t truly recall how or when exactly she lost the item.

She said she hasn’t been searching that hard for it until now, because she kept thinking it was just going to pop up somewhere around her apartment, because she recently moved out of the Garden Apartments into North Village, and she thought she might have misplaced it in the move.

She has been scavenging the local pawn shops and Ebay for her ring. Neither location has resulted in her finding the precious gem.

Reardon is a transfer student from Montgomery College. She says that she has faith in her new school’s honor code, and really hopes that she will be getting a phone call shortly.

Her hopes slightly dissipated when she was making copies of her fliers at a Kinkos, where the woman making copies said, “I would have taken this [the ring] if I found it.”

Reardon said that if someone were to hand in her ring, “It would make my college experience.”

If you find a David Yurmin ring please contact Teresa Reardon at 301-651-3370.