The Lighter Side of the Campus Safety Blotter

Radiator burns, flying chairs, slashed tires, and violence? It’s all part of the lighter side.

By Becky Snider, Blotter Reporter

With all the excitement during Homecoming, it was time for campus to cool down. And I’m not talking about the weather; although the weather is certainly quite biting, if you catch my drift.

You might not catch a drift of snow—yet. Though neither will students catch themselves before they fall and hit their heads inside their dorm rooms. I guess we’ll have to be more aware of our surroundings to prevent tripping. Then you won’t have to refuse treatment from the considerate members of DoCs.

Apparently many students seem to be refusing treatment, a few cases of “flu-like symptoms” have worked their way into Campus Safety’s report. That has to be better then receiving a complaint of burns from an un-insulated heater pipe though.

On November 1, Campus Safety received a call from a student who had been burned after brushing up against a heater pipe in one of the McDaniel Hall bathrooms. The student seems to be all right, just a bit upset that the incident occurred in the first place.

If students aren’t watching out for their safety from the heater pipes, they’re be drinking. McDaniel Hall seems to be the popular place to drink now instead of Rouzer. Though it doesn’t matter where the drinking occurs, the DoCs can still catch underage drinkers. That is exactly what they did just before 1 a.m. on November 1.

All the excitement of Halloween must have gotten to one student who had apparently had so much alcohol that Campus Safety deemed it necessary to take the student to the hospital for possible alcohol overdose.

Not all of the excitement is happening at McDaniel Hall though. On the night of November 2, Campus Safety officers witnessed a student throwing a trash can and a ‘furniture item’ later identified as a chair out of a first-floor window. The incident is still under investigation by DoCs though there is no apparent reason for this behavior. The student was, however, witnessed as addressing a group of students at the wall while doing this.

These are all clear signs that people have started to get antsy with the approach of finals. Numerous incidents termed ‘violent’ have happened recently. Vandalization seems to be a common theme. Reported incidents of hate bias have been reported in ANW. Graffiti was written on one door of a dorm room numerous times. A suspect later admitted to doing it.

Staying in trend, one student had the four tires of their vehicle slashed between 9 p.m. on October 30 and 1:30 p.m. on November 1. Campus Safety never did find out who slashed the tires, so anyone who lives down by PA Ave. should be on the lookout for slashed tires.

Those slashed tires could have definitely helped prevent one student from driving against traffic at an excessive speed on a one way road though. Luckily enough, the reckless driver took a ticket without much complaint and was pretty easy going about the whole situation.

Easy going is what all of us need to be despite the impending doom of finals. We all need to take it easy this Thanksgiving break and cool down. Look on the lighter side of things and stop to think for a moment.

Editor’s Note: This weekly piece highlights some of the more inane calls and incidents to which campus safety responds.