Computer lab staffed by SWATT opens in Academic Hall with high-powered software

By Juliann Giuffre

Tired of battling technology to get assignments done? Then the new Maggie Lab in Academic Hall, Room 214 will solve your problems.

The Student Web and Technology Team (SWATT), will be available to aid in problems with Microsoft Office Products, Adobe Products like Photoshop and InDesign, Video editing on a PC or MAC, poster printing, and scanning.

Kim Emery, instructional technologist, explained that the SWATT workers are also here to answer computer-related or Blackboard questions from students and faculty.

Steve Kerby, director of instructional technology, said that the main purpose of the Maggie Lab is the “support of technology use in classrooms, to make it easy for faculty to have projects incorporating technology.” He said that the lab is a new home for SWATT, with high-end machines with expensive software that the school can’t afford to put on all computers.

Junior Steven Hirschthal, a SWATT member, said that the poster printer costs $40 per poster, yet he says it would cost around $60-$80 at a place like Kinkos. Lab hours include Sunday and Tuesday.