Sexual assault case closed

By Stacey Eyler, Commentary Co-Editor

As reported in the September 27 issue of The McDaniel Free Press, a female McDaniel College student was sexually assaulted by a male McDaniel College student on August 26.

David Daggett, the Chief Deputy State’s Attorney and Legal Supervisor, has confirmed that the case has been suspended at this time.

“At this time, the victim does not want to go forward, and we would not force a victim to go forward,” he said.

According to Daggett, even though the case has been suspended, the victim can still choose to come forward at any time and proceed with charges against the attacker. However, he points out that several issues can arise depending on how long the case is suspended, including the availability of the witnesses and the investigators.

“The longer the case waits, the weaker it becomes,” Daggett said.