‘McDaniel Unity’ adopts a recently deployed soldier

By Greg Pfeiffer

Affinity groups give back to the school and surrounding community in order to fulfill their responsibilities. They strive to bring together students and citizens through generous displays of service, and McDaniel Unity is no exception.

Comprised of Jenna Filipone, Ashley Dickinson, Ali Morland, Danny Fraider, Ashley Lyles, Sally Grace, and Amy Pierce, the group has tackled various service projects with the betterment of the McDaniel and Westminster communities in mind.

Their latest venture involves “adopting” a soldier currently serving in the Iraq war. This individual, Andy Burrows, is a McDaniel Alumni who graduated in 2004 with a degree in Political Science. He was active in ROTC, a member of the Sig Ep Fraternity, and worked in Admissions as a tour guide. Recently deployed, Burrows is three months into his 15 month tenure, ensuring the safe transport of convoys all over the country.

“Burrows and his fellow troops have one of the most dangerous jobs because their engagements involve improvised explosive devices and roadside bombs that you hear about in the news,” said Filapone.

The group has received one letter from Burrows and has sent him two care packages with another on the way for Christmas. The packages include anything that will help to remind him of home, including letters, candy, magazines, and CDs.

In addition to contacting the soldier, McDaniel Unity has also helped surrounding organizations like the American Legion and the Carroll County Arts Council. Their work includes distributing fliers and newsletters for both businesses to promote upcoming events.