A place to eat that fills all kinds of appetites

Glar provides perfect setting to score a date, writes Chelsie Houser

Dane Cook once said “There’s so many flavors of gum here, what do I wanna chew?”

I couldn’t help but thinking about this idea of options and variety without relating it to Glar. For those of you who live off campus and have never entered the pearly gates of our dining hall, you might not realize how much more Glar has to offer.

Sure we have desserts galore and new choices at the salad bar, but Glar can fill an appetite that’s hungry for more than just chicken tenders on Thursdays. If you are still having trouble trying to see where I’m going with this, I’m talking about the social mecca of our campus. Where else do you first notice your new sweetie or the man of your dreams?

Like I said, Glar offers a lot more than you realized.

From my experience since freshman year, a typical “glar chill” can last from a half hour to being kicked out at 7 by Cecille (our card swiper). During that time I sat with my friends and we played games and talked. More than what we were talking about, it was who we were talking about. The next hottie who entered would catch our eye and our voices would come to a simmer as the silence hovered over us. “Who is that?” was often said in unison.

Clearly, Glar is the place to be noticed and discover others.

Sure we come to get our eats, but without realizing it our subconscious is picking up on the FBI radar. Yeah, I’m talking about female body investigators. You know who you are. You see them walking in on that runway of an entrance, swishing their hair to the left as they zip their all-card into their bags. They look determined as they brisk past you, and your table can’t help but turning around to see.

So maybe the next object of your affection is just around the corner splashing ketchup on his curly fries. This stare turns into more than just a look. Next you’re sharing details with your friends about where the two of you could be sharing a basket of battered shrimp in St. Lucia. Rather than create this dreamlike fantasy, the other option is to approach them. WHAT?! Yes, I said it. Scary as it can be, approaching your target could be the next move to friendship and who knows, maybe more.

We all know this school is small and word gets around, but what is the worst that could happen? You’re back to where you started. You have taken a leap of fate and took the chance while you had it.

This advice is coming from personal experience in Glar. After losing a bet I was dared to tell the hottie I spotted that I noticed him and thought he was cute. No, nothing ever blossomed from the moment we made eye contact and exchanged a few words, but it was a worthwhile experience. You too can take that leap of fate.

As you can imagine, this approach is more memorable and has greater impact for the receiver. Rather than drunkenly slurring pick up lines at a party, wouldn’t it be bold to stop them in their tracks while they’re making toast? Not only will you gain respect and admiration from others who observed your encounter, you will also walk away with more confidence. This experience gives you the strength to do it again, even if it failed the first few times.

“If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.” Being February, right now is the prime time. The spirit is in the air, and we’re much more vulnerable to fall for your pick up line. He or she could be waiting right now. It’s Valentine’s Day, why not make it a memorable one?