Oscar predictions give nod to 'Juno' and 'Atonement'

By Juliann Guiffre, Features Co-Editor

Ok, I know the big issue right now is not who will win the Oscars but will the Oscars even broadcast? I get it. I feel for the WGA’s cause and understand the sacrifices we need to make while talks are in progress.

However, I will be slightly devastated if there is no Oscars ceremony this year. The gowns, the speeches, the upsets and the sure things, and of course the lame attempts at movie humor by the host—I love it all. Therefore I’m choosing to ignore the impending “will they or won’t they” enigma and act like everything is going as planned.

On with the predictions!
For Best Picture, I would love nothing more than to see indie fave Juno take home the gold .but really, how many times has a comedy won Best Picture? Look for Juno to get some recognition in the Best Original Screenplay category for innovative Diablo Cody. Atonement has been losing momentum, and Michael Clayton never had much to begin with. There Will Be Blood is mostly being recognized for Daniel Day Lewis’s performance, so look for powerhouse No Country for Old Men to take the top prize.

Did you hear Daniel Day Lewis’s acceptance speech at the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards? Poignant and sophisticated, with a moving Heath Ledger tribute. Yeah, ’nough said. Sorry bout your luck George, Tommy, Johnny and Viggo; you’re all still winners in my eyes.

Okay, for the Best Actress race we’ll go ahead and exclude Cate Blanchett in Elizabeth: The Golden Age—no one wins two Oscars for the same role. Laura Linney was amazing in The Savages, but her nomination was, even she admitted, out of left field. In my opinion Ellen Page SHOULD win for her quirky and above-her-years performance in Juno but she won’t. So that leaves a tight race between Julie Christie in Away From Her and frenchie Marion Cottilard for La Vie en Rose. Veteran Christie should have the edge after her SAG win.

Javier Bardem’s grueling work in No Country will undoubtedly take the Best Supporting Actor prize, yet the Best Supporting Actress race was blown wide open by Ruby Dee’s SAG win for American Gangster. Personally, I’m just going to call that a fluke. Cate Blanchett’s work as one of the Bob Dylans in I’m Not There is the best in my opinion. Yet Amy Ryan completely transformed for her role in Gone Baby Gone. Give the edge to Blanchett—those who skipped over her for Best Actress will give her the sympathy vote here.

Now let’s all cross our fingers that the ceremony will actually go on! How else will we know who to make fun of the next morning for a horrendous gown or horrifying speech?