Spontaneous sex sometimes takes serious planning

Sex On The Hill

Sex On The Hill

By Katelynn McGinley, Staff Writer

One of the common assumptions about college life is that everyone is hooking up with everyone else all the time. While that isn’t to say that there isn’t a fair bit of that going on, it’s not as easy as the movies make it look.
First of all, you’re sharing a room with, at the very least, one other person, at all times. Nothing can kill the mood faster than returning home to find your roommate playing World of Warcraft in his boxers.

So while there might be a lot of sex going on around campus – it’s not nearly as spontaneous as it might seem.

Sex, supposedly one of the more spur-of-the-moment actions for younger people, is actually something that takes a
serious amount of planning on college campuses.

Forget those images of soft lighting and Barry White on the stereo (OK, no one really wants that – but play along), and get with the reality of taking advantage of the fifteen minutes you have after your class before your roommate gets back from work.

The advent of cell phones has replaced the old sock on the door (did people ever really do that in complete seriousness?) and has made it easy to passively ask your roommate to get lost for half an hour, but you have to be careful not to abuse that too much – after all, it is there room as well. Repay them by not being a jerk when they ask you to return the favor.

Some of you might construct complex secret signals, write euphemistic messages on the dry-erase board on your door, or just ask your roommate to take an extra long shower.

Bolder people might be comfortable hooking up while their roommate is passed out, or hanging out in the other room. This also works if you’re trying to drive out your roommate when they just aren’t getting the point. There is also always the option of getting creative and taking it to places other than the dorm rooms…imagination and an ability to avoid getting caught are key in this situation.

Sex in college makes you think about time management in a whole new way.