The Lighter Side of the Campus Safety Blotter

By Becky Snider, Blotter Reporter

Editor’s Note: This weekly piece highlights some of the more inane calls and incidents to which campus safety responds.

Well March is here. Now let’s talk about getting those parties started, or not.

The campus has been eerily quiet. I personally blame the horrendous weather we’ve been wreaked with. Its all very logical you see. Due to the fact that us students have been trapped inside our spacious dorm rooms, we’ve well, grown creative.
Coupled with the usual bouts of drinking games in Rouzer and the PA apartments, Blanche has been experiencing its own type of fun. Around noon on February 24, students reported having their room broken into. What was stolen you ask?


Apparently no one wants to leave the comfort of their dorms. Thus two individuals decided, “Hey, why not break into someone’s room and steal their food?” Several items of snack food were taken. The two suspects were confronted, and the two suspects then offered to reimburse the stolen food.

Theft seems to be a theme lately. A vehicle in the Garden apartments’ lot had several items taken from it. Not only that, it seemed to be really insignificant and even kid-like. Seems that people are starting to practice for April Fool’s Day already.

Apparently that can’t keep people occupied enough. A student was documented for urinating in public in front of Rouzer around midnight on February 29. Perhaps said student thought the brick building looked a little dirty and could use a little good washing? Honestly, you never know.

You never know why people do the things they do. Like driving at excessive speeds in the old tennis courts parking lot. I have it on good theory that the driver was over excited about the new Speed Racer movie though. Like I said, you never know.

So with that I bid you a good spring break and a Happy St. Patty’s Day. Perhaps campus will miraculously “spring” to life when we return.