ROTC participates in annual field training exercises

The Green Terror Battalion has certainly been busy this year. If you are not familiar with the loud cadences the unit calls while running at 6:30 in the morning, then you have probably seen the cadets in uniform at sporting events or walking around campus.

The new Battalion Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Sean Schumaker and his Cadre have increased enrollment by over 35 new cadets. Of course, as the battalion increases cadet strength it is becoming more and more integrated into the college experience.
Each semester McDaniel’s, Mount Saint Mary’s, and Hood’s cadets come together for a field training exercise (FTX). The weekend long training event teaches the cadets first aid, land navigation, marksmanship and other various military skills.

One of the most common events at the FTX and a favorite of many is the repelling tower. A new activity this year was the Field Leadership Reaction Course. The FLRC is an obstacle course where every cadet is given an opportunity to be placed in a leadership position and overcome a difficult task while leading several other cadets.

Another big event that kept the Green Terror Battalion busy last fall was the Ranger Challenge competition. This event is a long and physically grueling one as the best cadets come together from the 17 schools in 3rd Brigade to demonstrate their advanced military skills.

Various events include grenade throwing, M16 disassemble and assemble, M16 qualification, river crossing using the one-rope method, a ten kilometer foot march and the Army Physical Fitness Test.

The Green Terror Battalion placed fourth in our division and will do better next year. Lieutenant Colonel Schumaker and the several cadets involved already have the training plan prepared for next year’s Ranger Challenge team.

Regrettably, the event fell on McDaniel’s homecoming weekend, so the cadets involved were not able to participate in the homecoming festivities.

As a sophomore in the ROTC program I have really enjoyed my two years here. ROTC is constantly giving me chances to be challenged physically and mentally. It offers great leadership development as well as money for my tuition, room, board and books.

One of the best things about ROTC is the many different experiences it provides to cadets that regular college students may never experience.

While many college students will be trying to find a job after they graduate, I will already be employed by the United States Army and given the chance to serve my country, which is the most rewarding feeling ROTC can offer.