McDaniel Student Wins Photo Contest

Sam Segal
Staff Reporter

“Photography is my eye of the world. I capture what I see to share it with others”
Colin Miller, a sophomore here at McDaniel College, is a photographer and the recent winner of the 2008 Microsoft Future Pro Photographer Competition with his photograph of the Dust Bowl. “I took it my freshman year of high school after saving up for my camera,” he says. “It was the picture that got me into photography. It was the first picture that showed me what I could do.”

Miller, however, didn’t become really into photography until his sophomore year of high school when he started really exploring his surroundings. It started as a way to pass the time?he would go with friends over the weekend into the city. “We’d roam around DC and [find things] to photograph”. But after a while, it became a habit.

“We [started going to] sporting events, concerts, protests, marches?basically anywhere the Metro would take us.” The city was my playground and my camera was my one and only toy.

Besides documenting urban life, Miller also went to Nicaragua to help distribute food and set up a water filtration system. “I got to document the trip for the organization.” He’s done portraits, photographed weddings, even a truckers convention in California.

“I hope that some of my pictures make a change, big or small, to someone somewhere. If I can do that, that’s what matters.”