Miss Kathy Back to Work after Breast Cancer Battle

Andrew Velnoskey
Staff Reporter

Walk into the pub during the day and you can always count on seeing Kathy Reiker. Known by everyone as Miss Kathy, she is always there to give you a smile and take your order.

Unfortunately, for six weeks this summer, that was not the case. Miss Kathy was diagnosed with breast cancer in May, underwent surgery in July, and spent two days in the hospital. Though the experience was very trying, Miss Kathy said the enormous support from the campus community made things much better. Miss Kathy said she received over 300 cards.

Robin Brenton, and the Alumni Relations department, were particularly supportive. When asked to comment on Miss Kathy, Robin said, “Whether it’s a quick interaction in the pub, or a longer time working together at an event, Kathy’s enthusiasm and love for life is contagious. Kathy is the kind of person that always goes above and beyond for everyone around her and when we were made aware of her illness, there was no thought other than to do the exact same for her.”

Miss Kathy has now been back at work for a few weeks and has resumed her normal shift in the pub. You can also find her helping out with other events around campus with Sodexo’s catering department. Though her experience has by no means been easy, she says she is now feeling 100% healthy and is very glad to be back, as all of us are glad to see her back. Sodexo General Manager Deb Shaffer summed up the feelings of the entire campus when she said, “The pub was just not the same without Miss Kathy.”

During her absence Miss Kathy requested that people donate money to Cancer Research instead of sending her flowers, etc. You can do your part in the pub, by buying a breast cancer bracelet for a donation towards cancer research.