First snowflakes bring freezing temps to campus

Danielle Azoulay
Staff Reporter

The first snowflakes of winter thrilled students, putting smiles on the faces of many who are currently stressed over end of the semester projects and exams.

“I was so excited I ran outside and let the snow hit my face,” said senior Lindsay Shue after the first flurries of the season fell on McDaniel College on Monday, November 17. “It was a nice break from studying.”

“It was a nice surprise,” said junior Terri Martin, “it’s not often we get snow before Thanksgiving.”

Friday, November 21, brought more snow ? a thin blanket during the morning hours with forecasters calling for one to two inches later in the day.

Although students enjoyed the snow many are surprised by how cold it has become and even more so by how quickly the temperature dropped.

“I’m not that surprised it is cold outside, it is November,” said Senior Stephanie Banik, “but it is amazing how suddenly it got freezing.”

Temperatures were in the mid 60’s at homecoming and dropped to the upper twenties only a week and a half later.

“Winter has come fast,” said Martin, who like many students now finds herself bundling up before heading to class unlike a couple of weeks ago when a hoodie would suffice.

Several students have found themselves unprepared for the sudden cold.

“I was going to have my parents bring my winter coat with them when they came down for homecoming, but it was so warm I figured that it could wait until I went home for Thanksgiving,” said one student who preferred to remain anonymous. “It got so cold in the last week though that I had to go to Marshalls and buy a new coat in order to keep warm,” she said.

Other students are wrapping themselves in extra layers and waiting until Thanksgiving break.

“I wasn’t even planning on bringing my winter coat to school until after Thanksgiving. I wasn’t expecting it to get this cold. I guess I’m just going to have to tough it out,” said another student who also prefers to remain anonymous.

Looks like we could be in for a cold winter, and hopefully a bit more snow.