Career Services aids Job Search In Down Economy

Angela Baldwin
Staff Reporter

As the class of 2009 prepares to graduate in mere months, the need find a job in this tough economy looms ahead. Fortunately there is help through the tools and events McDaniel Career Services is providing.

One of the major events provided by Career Services is the Job Search Boot Camp. This event which was on February 28, provided assistance with creating a resume, finding employment, networking and interviewing. “This event provided all the tools that one needs to successfully navigate their way through the job search process,” April Johnson, Director of Career Services mentioned.

The job search process has always been important to learn but it is extremely important in this tough economy. Students are eager to land a job sometime soon after graduation. Johnson advises, “If you haven’t begun the job search process?then you need to visit Career Services immediately! We’re facing tough times and this is something that cannot be put on the backburner any longer. It’s serious out there.”

Other tools that have been provided for students and alumni include: expansion of the Career Corner monthly newsletter to reflect information about the current economy, such as job market information and lists of companies that are still hiring despite the state of the economy. CS increased its number of appointments available to students and also offers appointments via email and telephone. A Job Search Club will be started that will allow fellow job seekers a way to communicate with each other. Career Services has purchased subscriptions to 4 online internship and job databases which are completely free to students and alumni!

Internships have always been important in increasing one’s chances of getting a job but now in this economy, they are more important than ever. “Our students have got to consider doing internships, it’s one of the ways it will make them more marketable, especially since they are competing with people who have been laid off and have years of experience, as well as other recent college grads worldwide,” Johnson said.

In getting an internship, all it takes is a trip down to Smith House. Career Services offers many resources to help students find internships,such as the GTJC database which, according to Johnson, has more than 250 internships listed. “And that’s just the ones that employers have posted to our school. The database also lists opportunities that have been posted to the vendor’s database, which is more than 80, 000,” Johnson replied.

In addition, the two databases and are provided for student use. So Career Services is doing its part in providing tools to students, the only part left is for the students to use these tools! Johnson mentioned, “We’ve already done the leg work?we’ve prepared the meal?they just need to eat.”

Unfortunately Career Services was not used much before this economy, but now more students are using the help. “We’ve already seen an increase in our appointments and walk-ins. We’ve even seen an increase in the number of alumni who are returning to use our services. And we love it! That’s what we are here for?to help!”