Ain’t No Party Like a Swine Flu Party

H1N1 Spreads in Md., Brings Fears and Parties

Katelynn McGinley

Staff Reporter

While the cases of H1N1 continue to spread at nearby Towson University, Johns Hopkins University, and Maryland State College Park Universities, the virus more commonly known as “swine flu” has also made its way to McDaniel. At press time the college had confirmed that at least one student has contracted the disease, and many students are concerned about how catching the virus will affect their studies.

“I can’t really afford to get sick right now,” says senior Valerie Hudson. “I’m so busy with school, and I feel like missing class [due to illness] would really put me behind.”

Unfortunately, with an H1N1 vaccination still a few weeks away from being released to the public, many people across the country are taking matters into their own hands in an effort to build up an immunity disease. “Swine flu parties” – where a healthy person comes in contact with a person infected with H1N1 – are becoming a popular option for people who hope to build up a resistance to the virus and avoid getting sick later on.

But, before you run to Facebook to extend a mass invite to a jumpin’ SWINE FLU PARTY BLOWOUT, keep in mind that Maryland state health officials do not advocate this practice and stick to their statement that people should avoid contact with anyone infected with H1N1, saying that “swine flu parties” are simply “not a good idea.”

“Although the symptoms [for H1N1] have been mild for the most part,” says the World Health Organization in an official statement, “there’s no way to predict with any certainty what the outcome would be for an individual.”

However, for those students with sick roommates –you might find yourself an unwilling participant in an unofficial swine flu party. If you do get sick – don’t fret, the World Health Organization said that the virus has not mutated into a more dangerous strain, as they originally thought it might. Most people that get sick have only mild symptoms and recover without needing any kind of treatment.

If you would like to schedule an appointment to be seen at McDaniel’s Health and Wellness Center, call ahead (410-857-2243) and schedule an appointment.