Keepin’ It Cheap: Ways to Have Fun and Save Money

Kim Williams

Features Editor

For anyone who didn’t get a job this semester, had hours cut back, or whose wallet is feeling a little light, here’s some tips for how to save some money.

1. Free movies sponsored by CAPBoard: Instead of going to the movie theatre and shelling out at least $7, consider catching a showing of a free movie in Decker. Taken is showing Oct. 16.

2. Sharing: Whether the girl next door owns all of Brad Pitt’s movies, or your roommate owns the first three seasons of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, these are resources for cheap fun. Friends and housemates are like a free Blockbuster. Just be careful not to break anything borrowed.

3. The library: Any big readers should resist walking into a bookstore and purchasing a hefty bag of books. Instead, check out the library database. There are plenty of fun books, so don’t be daunted by the numerous books for that research paper you’ve been pushing off.

4. Money on the McDaniel ID: Remember the $50. This money can be used to buy coffee at the Budapest Café, anything in the bookstore, etc. This prevents a trip into town, meaning not only money out of the bank is saved but gas money.

5. Skip the pedicure: The massage chairs are great, but anyone strapped for cash can save the $20 and paint their own nails.

6. Leave the car in the parking lot: We all love our cars, but let’s be honest. Westminster is a small town. Most places can be reached by foot or bike. So the next time the milk runs out, walk to the store and consider it a workout.

7. Family dinner: For anyone really craving going out to eat, maybe the next time the parents offer to visit for dinner, let them.

8. Watching television online: Before buying a t.v. show, be sure to check if it’s available online. Whether attempting to catch up on missed episodes, or looking for something to do many networks, such as NBC and the CW, offer a selection of free episodes of their shows online.

9. Get a water bottle: Not only is bottled water expensive, but it’s bad for the environment.

10. Just be smart: Next time you consider buying that new pair of shoes or a video game, don’t. If your cash situation is dire and there’s no possible income in the near future, just remember there’s always birthdays.