Lighter Side of the Campus Safety Blotter

Katelynn McGinley

Staff Reporter

Since we last checked in with that merry band of freshman boys in Rouzer Hall, they certainly seem to be keeping busy. Seven alcohol citations, one charge of theft, two separate cases of tampering with fire extinguisher (guys, we’re trying to figure out what you’re attempting to do here – beat each other to death with them? Are your PS3s overheating? Honestly – we’re genuinely curious), and one charge of disrespecting a college official.

But, actually, it’s not even the Rouzer Boys that are the stars of the blotter this week – McDaniel, we’ve got to give you props: you’ve really been spreading the talent around. A student was picked up for shoplifting in the bookstore, and listen, textbooks are expensive. Like, unfairly expensive. We totally understand that, but, please – don’t shoplift. You will most likely make Kyle Meloush cry and we’re pretty sure he is the actual nicest person on this campus.

P.A. Avenue has had a rough week as well – there’s nothing like four alcohol citations, a little larceny, and the destruction of a fire extinguisher (SERIOUSLY, WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING WITH THE FIRE EXTINGUISHERS?) and a little bit of public urination to get the weekend started right. We don’t care how many times you’ve been sexiled – peeing on your roommates property is probably not the best way to solve an argument.

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