WMCR Radio Offers Great Listening and More

Hanna Barker

Staff Reporter

WMCR, McDaniel’s college radio station, is looking forward to a year of excellence. With new management, new DJs, and new ideas, it is certain that things are looking up.

“The station management now operates much more cooperatively than it has in years past; we are all active in the decision making process, and many times we work together on major aspects of operating as a station,” said station manager Michael Monaco, class of 2011.

There are many plans being made for campus events, such as Spring Fling and Hip Hop on the Hill, an annual concert featuring several hip hop acts. Past events include concerts, clubrooms, open mics, and cookouts.

“People should listen to WMCR because it’s a media that is completely open to students that you don’t really get anywhere else. Students have their own shows, and they are excellent shows. It’s a great way to get exposed to new music and what your peers are doing with their time at college. During your college experience, why not try everything that McDaniel has to offer?” said music manager Jamie De Atley, class of 2011.

Shows are currently scheduled in the evenings, but a day playlist runs the rest of the time to ensure that listeners are not disappointed by dead air.

“Anybody is welcome to join. Seriously, we always love new DJs and it’s a great experience that most people will never get to have again,” said Monaco.

It is easy to get involved, too. Prospective DJs simply have to sign a contract, pay a small fee to cover potential technical damages, and go through a short orientation.

“I joined WMCR because, despite not getting as many listeners as I’d like, it’s still fun to get my favorite music out,” said freshman Charles Mullin.

To listen to WMCR, tune into 1620 AM or stream it through iTunes at “stuwmcr1.mcdaniel.edu:8000.” Join the Facebook group to show your support, or contact Michael Monaco at mtm007@mcdaniel.edu or anybody else involved with the station to get your own show.