One-Key System Implemented in Residence Halls this Semester

Emma Simon

Features Editor

McDaniel students have noticed many new changes for the 2010-2011 academic year, one of them being less keys to keep track of.

Over the summer, all dormitories that were previously on the two-key system were changed over to one-key access. This means that there is no more separation between a key to the building and a key to a specific room, as one key now opens both doors.

Senior Paul Donoghue, who has lived on the two-key system for the past three years, is very happy about the change. “It’s a lot easier. I don’t have to look at the number on the keys or fiddle around until I find the right one. It’s also one less key to lose,” said Donoghue, who lost one of his keys last year.

The process was a gradual one due to budget and time restrictions, which is why some dormitories, such as Blanche Ward Hall, already had one-key access prior to this academic year. George Brenton, the Director of Physical Plant, explained the process.

“Several years ago, the core lock systems were updated from six-pin to seven-pin. A higher pin means more possible combinations, so we were able to make more keys that opened the students’ building doors and their room doors, without opening any other rooms,” said Brenton.

All residence halls have implemented this system. Pennsylvania Avenue Houses, McDaniel House, and Forlines House should move to one-key access no later than the Summer of 2011. Academic buildings are steadily moving towards this as well, but student dorms were the first priority, said Brenton.

“There are less keys on my key chain which is really nice,” said junior Cat Black, who has been on the two-key system for two years and has had her battles with misplacing keys.

As for the preferred swipe-card system of entry, Brenton confirmed that this will hopefully happen down the road, but because “the budget is a big question mark due to the economy,” it will not be for quite some time.