Lindsey Wilson reflects on her stand out cross country career

Sarah Erlichman

Staff Reporter

Amongst applications for graduate school, art history major (with a Spanish minor) Lindsey Wilson had a great cross country season. Being a major contributor to the team, Wilson earned four Centennial Conference of Athlete of the Week awards.

Wilson attended Seton Keogh High School in Baltimore, where she did not start running cross country until her junior year. Success really started to come once Wilson had a year under her belt and started getting letters from college coaches. Her best offer came from Loyola College where she competed at a Division 1 program.

After a year Wilson transferred to McDaniel College where she started off as the top runner for the squad. With a good sophomore season, followed by a lot of injuries her junior year, Wilson came out ready to compete this year. Wilson made all conference, all region, and just missed Nationals by two spots.

Wilson commented, “In my opinion we are in the hardest conferences in our region,” in regard to competing for Nationals. The seven girls that made all Nationals were the same seven girls the year before. Although Wilson is disappointed about not making Nationals, she ran her best time and is relatively pleased that all the hard work got her that far.

Coming into the season Wilson was nervous because she went to Spain for spring semester and did not really keep up with her workouts. In the Green Terror Challenge, Wilson ran a strong time of 19.08, winning the 5K and 3K. That was when she knew she was going to have a good season.

The longest race Wilson will run is a 6K in season. Although she has expressed interest in running marathons, Wilson will not participate in one until she graduates. In fact, Wilson plans on running a marathon with her mother after graduation.

Amongst Wilson’s achievements at McDaniel were the numerous Centennial Conference athlete of the week titles that she won. At one point, she held her title for three weeks straight. Wilson was not even exactly sure how many times she won the title, “I don’t even read stuff about myself.” Superstitious Wilson does not want to jinx her success with the satisfaction of reaching her many accomplishments. “I am the last person to say how it went. I can always do better.”